Milestone cards - Terracotta

Maiko Nagao


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  • Milestone cards - Terracotta
  • Milestone cards - Terracotta

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30 beautifully hand painted milestone cards to capture your baby’s first year. Simply take a photo of your little one with the appropriate milestone card beside them. You will never forget the all-important first milestones in your baby’s life!  

Printed in New Zealand on 300gsm mat stock. Each card has a 'Notes' and 'Date' section at the back.

- Hello world (with area to note down name, date, time, weight and height)

- 1-3 weeks
- 1-11 months
- Happy 1st Birthday!
- First smile
- First crawl
- First tooth
- First word
- First food
- Slept through
- Nap time
- Sitting up nicely
- You are loved

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